Self Ship Onboarding Guide for New Sellers

Getting Started

ARTA’s Self Ship option enables sellers to pack objects in-house and receive a prepaid shipping label via email, saving on time and cost. Below we go over how to get started and what to expect when using Self Ship.

How Self Ship Works​

We use the information you provide, such as object materials, value, and dimensions, to determine a safe and economical packing method. We ask that you package the item in line with our instructions; this helps us meet the required insurance standards to avoid cost discrepancies with the prepaid rate service.

Once a shipment is booked, ARTA will confirm the shipment details and send the origin contact an email with the prepaid shipping label(s).

We provide packing instructions for each object within the same email. Our guidance includes suggested packing materials and dimensions, as well as information regarding whether multiple objects can be packed together safely. Sellers may request additional shipping labels for items that are already packaged separately. 

Once all objects are packed, sellers can schedule a pickup with the specified carrier or release the package at a drop-off location.

Tracking can be automatically sent to the recipient depending on your organization’s email configurations.

ARTA Seller Expectations

Our Self Ship tier offers further convenience to our clients while still upholding ARTA’s standards. With our provided packing guidance, sellers are expected to:

  • Meet ARTA’s packing guidelines*

  • Share notable item or package size discrepancies with ARTA before releasing the packages to the carrier

  • Schedule a pickup or drop off soon after the package is ready

  • Communicate to ARTA any delays with the release schedule

  • Respond to inquiries from ARTA promptly when a shipment’s release to the carrier is delayed

*If packing instructions are not followed insurance claims may be declined.  If you have a question about whether your alternative packing is sufficient, simply reply to ARTA via email.


Common Packing Types

Foam Lined Box – Cardboard box filled with foam padding on all six internal sides.



Strongbox – Reinforced triwall or plywood box lined in esta foam and ester foam.



 Parcel Crate – Wood structure for one way movements of items shipped via parcel carrier.


Double Box – Cardboard box with additional foam and cardboard box inside.



Poly & Cardboard – Object is wrapped in poly with a cardboard face or corners.


Portfolio – Object must be wrapped in glassine and packed between as many pieces of double-ply cardboard as is necessary to ensure there is no movement in transit. Corners are taped to cardboard to ensure the artwork is secured.



We’re here to assist with any questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager, email, or call +1-646-828-7333.