Partnership Development During a Pandemic

At a time when the world is grappling with a global pandemic and businesses are quickly shifting priorities, ARTA’s Head of Sales, Bill Leys, shares how he is looking to partnership opportunities to help generate new business leads.
COVID-19 has had a rippling impact across almost every industry, with unfortunate realities: friends and colleagues are being laid off, and customers and prospects are being furloughed. It goes without saying that mindsets have shifted amidst the new reality of working from the kitchen counter and taking calls from the bathroom (if you have kids, then you know it’s the only quiet space). So what do you do when new business comes to a screeching halt and the engagements, trials, and launches are now inevitably and indefinitely delayed? 
Of course, it’s an opportune time to circle back with your current customer base to understand what they are experiencing, how you can help, and to offer new solutions. However, some of those new solutions may not be something you can provide from your current services or product. So what do you do? Now is the perfect time to find partnership opportunities. Partners can be anyone who sells a complementary product to yours, offers ancillary benefits in your customers’ value chain, or services a client base that’s not in your standard ICP (ideal customer profile). 
For us at ARTA, given our offering of white-glove logistics services, we have the ability to work with the broader eCommerce/digital landscape. From website developers and hosting solutions to inventory management and end-to-end integrators, it’s getting the conversations going about the ways you can help one another out. Introducing partners to different client cohorts, connecting broken links in your clients’ existing tech stack, automating processes for them given their new limited resources, and good old fashion revenue sharing (joint business deals with mutual customers).
If you’re looking for ways to step out of the norm in these abnormal times, I encourage you to come up with a list of potential partner types, find some names, and reach out! The ideas and new revenue streams could really help mitigate future business hurdles… even the ones that occur once every 100 years.

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