Partner Spotlight: Artemis Fine Art Services

Artemis Fine Art Services, based in Dallas, TX, was founded in January 2000. Artemis, part of the ARTA logistics partner network, offers a full range of logistics services including packing, crating, transportation, installation, and storage. Their mission is to offer the very best in art services and art logistics: the best crates, as well as the best art shuttles in terms of capabilities, fleet, services and schedules. In short, they want to “rule the world of fine art services.”

We were excited to talk with the Artemis team about everything from how they expect fine art logistics to evolve in the coming years to what makes it onto their office playlists.

Q: What is your favorite location to book a dedicated truck?

A: As a former driver/handler I really like to book jobs that involve the Pacific North West. The drive along the Columbia heading into Portland is the best drive in the country. I84, the river, the waterfalls, the people, the occasional motorcycle and the occasional motor home all make the drive beyond phenomenal — I love the thought of a new driver getting the opportunity to see everything the PNW has to offer. – Casey D. Cooper, Exhibitions Coordinator

Q: Do you have a secret saying or team traditions in the office?

A: I facilitate a music request hotline, building playlists for every occasion and general “feel” within the office on a given day. As a group, we tend to generate an eclectic mix: from 80’s power ballads to horror movie soundtracks, we seek only the best vibes. – Amanda Mitchell, Operations Coordinator

Q: How do you hope the industry changes in the next five years?

A: More logistics companies going fully paperless, and more sustainability initiatives in packing and transportation! – Katie Vallee, Local Operations Coordinator

Q: What is your proudest company moment so far?

A: Kris spearheading Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts — her enthusiasm for gathering donations and coordinating special emergency collections was really inspiring for the whole Artemis team. – Katie Vallee, Local Operations Coordinator

Q: What is the must-have snack in your break room?

A: We like to celebrate any and all holidays, birthdays, or occasions. When we do, we do it with cheese. – Kris Luke, Assistant Shipping Manager

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