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For sellers of high-value, highly variable goods, manually sourcing shipping quotes for each transaction can take days of communication with carriers.

ARTA’s instant and custom shipping quotes provide quick costs at various price points and service levels, saving time spent gathering multiple costs from numerous carriers. 

Our quoting solutions are easy to use for smaller businesses yet customizable for larger enterprises. ARTA is the only integrated platform built specifically for variable inventory that supports an end-to-end post-purchase experience.

Whether you’re managing handfuls of transactions or hundreds a week, ARTA’s vast coverage and global network helps our clients save time on quoting so you can focus on scaling your business.

What is an instant quote?

ARTA’s instant quotes are immediately bookable and generated in less than two seconds. We collect key information like height, width, location, and more to instantly display bookable rates. 

If you see a price you’re happy with, you can book it right away; no more back-and-forth. If you need to wait, your quote is still valid for 30 days.

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Our instant quotes are offered within four service tiers: Premium, Select, Parcel, and Self Ship, with each tier offering a different level of specialty shipping. All quotes are customizable within themselves, allowing you to add insurance, installation, delivery inspection, customs documentation, and more.

We can instantly generate these figures thanks to paralleled software engineering and an extensive collection of historical shipping data. We guarantee our prices so our clients can book with confidence and peace of mind.

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Why do I need instant quotes?

Instant quotes enable you to save time and effort in price hunting, provide client estimates, budget ahead of time, and expedite your logistics. Our instant quotes are bookable right from the dashboard or a custom API. This reduces your time spent negotiating with carriers and provides access to ARTA’s locked-in premium rates.


Benefits of instant quotes


When the actual shipment is months down the road, but you need quick costs for a budget meeting or proposal. Instant quotes include costs for packing, installation, transit insurance, or any additional services the project may require.


Pre-sale estimates

When you are speaking to a potential buyer who would like to know the all-in cost for purchasing an item.


Immediate booking

When you are ready to book a direct shipment via road freight within the continental U.S. or Europe or when you’re ready to book an international shipment via airfreight between select hubs.


Can I get an instant quote for specialty shipping?

For requests that don’t return instant pricing or have highly specialized requirements, you can request a Custom Quote from the ARTA team. 


What is a custom quote?

While ARTA specializes in providing shipping costs for unique items, there will always be new objects and sizing we’ve yet to encounter, which is why we offer our custom request option to provide custom global shipping quotes.

Our team considers a range of needs when creating custom quotes. We collect specific data on object height, material, origin location, destination, customs requirements, and client preferences. 

We return most quotes within 24 to 48 hours.


Why do I need customized quotes?

Specialty shipping can often mean specialty quoting. While we strive to continuously build upon our instant quoting capabilities, there are always new and exciting items that we’ve yet to meet. Oftentimes, unusually large or oversized objects can’t be accommodated by typical carrier vehicles, and custom solutions are needed.


Benefits of custom shipping quotes

Complex shipments

When you have a complicated shipment, for example, with multiple pick-ups or delivery locations.


Ballpark estimates

When you do not have all the details yet for a project but would like to get a general estimate based on the information you have currently. Our team can help cost out different options you might be considering.


Tight timelines

When you require specific pickup or delivery dates or are working against a tight deadline.


Oversized items

When you are shipping valuable artwork of an unusually large size that need specially trained technicians for transport.

FAQs regarding quotes and shipping


Why should I trust ARTA to deliver my valuables safely?

Every provider meets our extensive ARTA Service Standards. Our team also considers our client preferences and the specifics of each shipment when selecting the ideal shipping partner for each job. Beyond this, we equip our clients and their customers with customizable tracking notifications, providing ultimate transparency until safe delivery.


Instant quotes are great, but are there still humans behind the scenes?

Absolutely. The ARTA team is here to support you every step of the way for every quote that comes through our platform. As soon as you make a booking, our team springs into action to confirm dates with shippers and ensure the best service and fastest turnaround. You’ll receive a confirmation email, an approximate delivery date, and, when necessary, carrier communication to coordinate pickup.


We pair our extensive network of carriers and innovative technology to provide instant quotes to accelerate your business and empower you to reach buyers worldwide.

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