ARTA Is Helping Businesses Get to Market in Record Time

We provide technology to help new entrants get their products to market faster and enable established entities to accelerate their transition to an end-to-end digital experience.

Consumers are increasingly opting to shop online, and the collectibles market has been one of the last remaining verticals to make the shift to a digital selling experience. Our technology is helping bring the collectible ecosystem online, making it easier for entities large and small to buy and sell unique and collectible items.

While showcasing products online is relatively simple, obstacles frequently arise when creating a seamless end-to-end checkout and purchase experience. ARTA’s products automate the transaction, fulfillment, and post-post purchase experience, solving this issue.

We provide technology to help new entrants get their products to market faster and enable established entities to accelerate their transition to an end-to-end digital experience.

We’ve abstracted many of these complexities behind simple-to-use and easy-to-build APIs and UIs that require minimal development work. Below we dive into how two of our clients leveraged our products and got to market in record time.

Altamira Gets to Market in Record Time

When Altamira, an artist-centered marketplace, approached ARTA, they needed a way to quickly build the digital infrastructure necessary to support their checkout, fulfillment, and post-purchase experience. With ARTA’s APIs, their small yet mighty two-person team built a seamless and automated end-to-end purchase experience that spans the globe.

John Gile, Altamira’s Chief Technology Officer, said, “It is kind of a miracle that you [ARTA] exist. There was no way for us to get to market had we not found you.” 

ARTA’s custom-integrated platform streamlined the purchase and post-purchase experience, providing Altamira the tools they needed to quickly launch their business. Michael Facchinello, the founder and CEO of Altamira, explains, “Artists have to be both entrepreneurial and creative. We aim to take many of the administrative tasks off of their plate so that they can focus on [on their primary objective—] being creative.” 

We’re proud to support Altamira, as they align closely with ARTA’s values. Altamira centers artist needs by providing a platform for brand-building and community and automating purchases and fulfillment. The company also operates on a progressive commission model. Many artists pay galleries a 50% commission on each piece sold. However, when artists sell through Altamira, they keep 90% of the sale, with Altamira keeping just 10% commission.

Leland Little Launches Digital Purchase Experience in 10 Weeks 

Leland Little went from an offline, manual checkout and post-purchase process to an end-to-end automated journey in record time by leveraging ARTA’s API.

Leland Little now provides a seamless and automated purchase and post-purchase experience through a custom API integration. ARTA’s solution keeps the auction house’s customers up-to-date post-purchase through our off-the-shelf tracking emails and landing pages and frees up time previously spent on shipping coordination.

Leland Little, President of Leland Little Auctions, explained, “It became clear that we needed to provide our customers with a custom-tailored, seamless shipping experience when purchasing objects from our gallery. Arta has provided this service for our clients – from white glove to parcel, express service to standard shipping – our customers can customize the service level of any category of object, from a marble sculpture to a singular gemstone.”

ARTA’s custom API for Leland Little estimates shipping costs at the time of bidding and provides pricing in a single transaction for the winning collector. ARTA’s booking product displays all available shipping tiers and options so the auction house’s buyers can choose their preferred delivery service. Once the shipment is booked, buyers are updated on shipment statuses and milestones via ARTA Emails.

We’ve designed ARTA’s hosted products and custom API to support companies both big and small get to market quickly. ARTA’s technology creates a more equitable industry by leveling the playing field for entities of all sizes to compete on a global scale.  

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Rachael Gilpin

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