ARTA’s Geographic Reach

One of the questions we often get from potential clients is where exactly we ship to and from. What does “global” mean for ARTA, particularly as it relates to instant pricing and each of our service tiers?

While the short answer is that we can ship anywhere in the world, we know there are many service providers out there that claim to be global but in fact, are not. Here, we break down where we provide instant pricing for shipping and services (in under 2 seconds!) across our four service tiers.

Where ARTA can provide instant shipping AND service quotes:

We are able to provide instant pricing for shipments originating in the locations indicated above.  For Parcel shipments, our delivery reach is expansive across our global Parcel network. 

For countries that we do not yet provide instant pricing for, we can source custom quotes for our clients in 24 hours. In addition, we always prioritize adding new countries to this list that are important for our clients. Moreover, our distributed team—with two main offices in NYC and London—can provide global support across time zones.

Our goal is to be incredibly transparent about what we mean when we say ARTA is global, and we hope this breakdown provides our clients with a clear understanding of our service geographic reach. If you are not yet an ARTA client and are determining which service provider is optimal for your business, it is important to consider your international shipping needs and understand the global reach of all providers you are speaking to.

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