ARTA for eCommerce Fulfillment

ARTA removes friction from the entire purchase experience—from pre-sale through delivery—for high-value goods and collectibles.

Merchants in eCommerce fulfillment face frequent challenges when moving highly variable, high-value inventory, limiting what sellers can do, and particularly on a global scale. Obstacles like varying customs requirements, irregular shipping costs, and increasing customer expectations around the post-purchase experience can inhibit growth. 

“Through our partnership with ARTA, Artsy now not only transacts hundreds of thousands of artworks from thousands of galleries around the globe, we handle all the shipping and customer service to the delight of our collectors”

ARTA’s fulfillment technology and end-to-end global services cater specifically to the international shipping of highly variable, high-value goods. We reduce friction by bringing together disparate parts of the fulfillment process to streamline and centralize your workflows while providing the post-purchase experience modern buyers expect. 

We return quotes instantly to provide transparent pricing as early as the product detail page and throughout the checkout process. We also support tracking updates, automate buyer notifications, insure valuables, and provide international customs guidance from a single dashboard so you can offload administrative tasks and focus on scaling your enterprise.

ARTA empowers eCommerce merchants with:

    • Upfront buyer shipping costs
    • Shopify integration
    • Greater customer clarity
    • Customizable fulfillment pricing
    • Global scalability and customs guidance


ARTA solutions for eCommerce fulfillment

ARTA provides solutions to multiple eCommerce challenges in one easy-to-navigate dashboard or custom integration.

Shopify integration

Merchants who’ve built their businesses through Shopify can leverage ARTA for behind-the-scenes support. Our private application is currently in Beta but will be available to all Shopify Plus and Advance customers. Please reach out for more information.

Scale with ease

We realize startups often operate on limited budgets, which makes it tough to scale when business picks up. ARTA manages your shipping and client communications as you grow, so you can focus on greater issues without increasing operational costs or post-sale support.

International eCommerce logistics

Expand your business globally

We have a wide network of global carriers, which means we can support your business as you break into new markets around the world. We can accommodate every item type, from jewelry to furniture to fine art, and our extensive network includes various modes of fulfillment worldwide.

Avoid shipping delays with electronic customs documentation (ECD)

To export objects to another country, commercial invoices are required by customs, which commonly need details like harmonized system (HS) codes, origin country, power of attorney, and tax IDs. These international requirements are often confusing due to their variability, and understandably so. Nevertheless, incorrectly drafted documents can significantly delay shipments.

Our ECD streamlines commercial invoice generation and automates the export process for efficient international fulfillment. 

Level up your customer experience

Save time with instant quotes

Request shipping pricing and receive pricing across all our service tiers instantly—no more waiting days for a quote.

Regardless of shape, size, weight, or value, our API returns instant quotes in under two seconds, providing bookable transit speeds and delivery options for customizable fulfillment methods. So whether you pack your inventory personally or require especially skilled delivery, you can book confidently, knowing your needs will be accommodated.

Improve your buyer experience with greater transparency

Happy customers are more likely to become returning customers—and who doesn’t want to know where their order is and when it’s going to arrive. ARTA Tracking provides transparency along the way for each shipment. From the moment an order is booked to the time it arrives at its destination, buyers can track each shipment with a unique tracking URL. This means fewer order inquiries and more repeat purchases.

Automate & customize emails

Manual emails take time. To solve this, we automatically relay key information at each shipment milestone via email. ARTA Emails communicate collection timing, shipment schedule, customs requirements, online tracking, and cancellations. 

ARTA Emails can be customized to automatically be sent to customers and other parties of your choosing. Our email automation allows staff to focus less on administrative duties knowing that customers are being updated behind the scenes.

Available customization for eCommerce shipping

Increase revenue with adjustable margins

Sellers can adjust and customize margins above or below ARTA’s predetermined pricing as they see fit. Costs can be subsidized or marked up— you have full control. For example, sellers that sacrifice earnings on item markups may add higher margins to their shipping fees to recover what they’ve lost in inventory revenue.

Optimize your brand experience with white labeling

Provide a seamlessly branded experience by white labeling every part of the ARTA fulfillment process, including booking, tracking, and emails with logos, images, and colors. You can create a custom domain for ARTA-hosted pages and add custom reply-to addresses for email notifications to ensure your buyer’s experience feels consistent. 

ARTA API integration options & ARTA-hosted solutions for eCommerce fulfillment

ARTA can be leveraged in a couple different ways. Sellers can opt to integrate directly via API or Shopify app; alternatively, you can opt to move forward without any integrations by using our fulfillment technology through ARTA-hosted solutions, or a mix of both.

Sellers who integrate via API or Shopify app can build our shipping options and tracking details into their site, creating a seamless, completely branded user experience for customers. An API integration requires time and technical resources; however, this option provides our clients with the greatest flexibility and customization. 

While we recommend integrating into ARTA, we know that’s not always an option. You can also log directly into the ARTA Dashboard. The dashboard is ideal for sellers that are looking to launch quickly or need to save on tech costs. You can manually pull quotes, manage booking, and create white-labeled notifications for tracking through the dashboard. 

ARTA’s end-to-end eCommerce fulfillment solutions enable sellers to connect with buyers and easily move unique items worldwide. 

Learn more about how ARTA can amplify your eCommerce space.