ARTA 2017 Year In Review

2017 was a big year for ARTA.

We are proud of the progress we have made towards achieving our mission: to enable sellers and empower buyers by bringing efficiency and transparency to the world of high-end, specialized logistics.

It was a year of major corporate milestones: we expanded our international footprint, doubled the size of our team, closed another round of funding, and opened two new offices. We are grateful for our users, shipping partners, investors, family and friends who have given us their trust and support along the way, enabling us to ride a strong wave of momentum into 2018.

But we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. In the new year, our goal is to continue to demonstrate our value to both sides of our marketplace: our users, including galleries, museums, art advisors, insurers, individual collectors, etc., as well as our shipping partners. To that end, we are focusing on technology innovations that solve problems inherent with current shipping processes. We will continue to focus on and invest in international growth, expanding our operations to service the global art market at the highest level. We are working on a number of new API integrations with inventory management systems, creating more efficiencies for our users. Lastly, we aim to maintain the highest level of quality control, partnering only with vetted, high-end shipping partners.

Below, some highlights from this year. Cheers to 2018!  

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About ARTA

We provide end-to-end logistics solutions for merchants and marketplaces worldwide.

We’re continuously evolving our e-commerce infrastructure for the global collectibles industry through automated transaction, fulfillment, and post-purchase technology.

ARTA’s software provides instant shipping and handling quotes for any item type, regardless of size, material, or price point. Our API automates shipping and fulfillment for high-value items, providing a frictionless purchasing experience for our clients’ buyers.