Now Live: ARTA x Testudo

Testudo is an inclusive, secure, and transparent platform designed to provide an equitable space for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts to connect, celebrate, and acquire creative works, and we’re thrilled to now be supporting their endeavors through the ARTA API. 

According to Testudo’s co-founder, John Dennehy, “Each [of our artists] are making unique works in their own creative language, and we are grateful to share their stories and works.” Further, he says, “Testudo is providing a space for artists to showcase their practice and allow collectors to participate who have previously been excluded.” Prices are not upon request; all pricing information is readily viewable for every collector.

Testudo has leveraged ARTA’s API in a way that has allowed them to realize their goals. According to Dennehy, “ARTA allows us to offer a variety of mediums. We’re already showing paintings, ceramic sculptures, and even more conceptual works — we’re excited that ARTA’s API can easily source rates for all these different shipments.”

ARTA is excited to be partnering with a client that is cultivating a market that’s taken a departure from the norm. Testudo has what they call a closed ecosystem, where all works are brand new and coming straight from artist studios for their first sale. For each first sale, artists keep 90% of the list price, a significantly higher percentage than other platforms, providing artists more to fuel their endeavors. Once a piece enters the marketplace, collectors can resell the artwork, and each time it sells, the artist receives a 5% resale royalty.

The significance of this approach encompasses two factors. First, the platform creates a secure space for collectors to easily resell pieces from their collections. Further, Testudo also enables the creators to benefit from their secondary market and support artists for the long term, a pain point that the current industry has yet to tackle.

Testudo ensures quality and security as well. Art only enters the platform directly from artists. Each time a piece resells, the artwork returns to Testudo’s facility for authorization and inspection.

“We really appreciate that ARTA streamlines the logistics of safely shipping artwork between artists and collectors. ARTA tackles that challenge so that artists can remain focused on creating.” Dennehy further reports, “This is only the beginning — we look forward to introducing more new artists in the near future.”


Rachael Gilpin

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