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We are excited to launch with our newest integration partner, Shiba, to support their partners at the LA Art Show and beyond. Shiba’s mission is to create a network of galleries, artists, and collectors around the world that enables the seamless acquisition of artwork. Their platform features a sales management tool and proprietary machine-learning recommendation engine that addresses key pain points in the sales process, empowering art dealers to focus more on deepening relationships and building trust with existing collectors. 

In setting out to build their platform, the Shiba team focused on a number of defining features for launch. The first was engagement tracking. Each artwork uploaded to the platform is given a unique digital link that tracks a collector’s views and engagement with the piece to determine the interest level of the collector. The second was integrated text messaging. Shiba provides each gallery with a unique phone number for texting through the Shiba mobile app. The text messaging feature also enables the platform to leverage insights from the communication between the gallery and the collector, so Shiba can make better recommendations for sales. Lastly, building an automated shipping feature would be key to ensuring a friction-free experience for both buyers and sellers. Shiba leveraged the ARTA API to power instant quoting, single-click checkout and unified transaction, and end-to-end fulfillment. On the Shiba app, a collector can buy directly from their phone by utilizing the “Buy Now” feature and inserting their credit card and shipping information. Shiba also utilizes ARTA Transit Insurance to insure all items up to $1 million.

The Shiba app is free to galleries; there are no fees or contracts. For galleries interested in joining the Shiba platform, visit

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