Now Live: ARTA x Altamira Integration

We are excited to announce the launch of Altamira, an artist-centric communal marketplace that tapped ARTA to automate shipping and fulfillment for their sellers. 

Putting the artist first

The platform helps artists connect with collectors, critics, and other artists to build their brand and sell their work. Artists set the price of their works, get a 90% commission on sales, and also get a portion of the resale price should a collector choose to resell through the platform.


Driving engagement

Altamira has also leveraged technology to drive engagement through the platform: collectors can upvote their favorite artworks as well as write their own critiques, providing a forum to interact with artists as well as their community.

Making selling easier for the artist

The Altamira team set out to address the biggest pain points for artists when selling their work. “Artists have to be both entrepreneurial and creative,” said Michael Facchinello, founder and CEO of Altamira. “We aim to take many of the administrative tasks off of their plate so that they can focus on being creative.” That’s why Altamira tapped ARTA to tackle the “major headache” that shipping poses to artists. “ARTA handles everything from pricing, to identifying the optimal packing, to handling the pickup and delivery–all things we would have had to build ourselves if we didn’t integrate their API,” Facchinello said. Given that Facchinello and his team prioritized a frictionless seller and buyer experience, ARTA was a “no brainer” that allowed them to get to market quickly, without additional development work.

To discover new art or learn more about Altamira, visit their website.

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