Announcing our newest quote type: ARTA Self Ship

We are excited to announce a new quote type that expands our service offerings for our clients. 

We introduced ARTA Parcel early last year to provide additional fulfillment options that better supported collectible items of varying sizes and price points. ARTA Parcel service includes collection and expert packing of an item, with transport via common courier. With our newest offering—ARTA Self Ship—we are broadening our support for clients who want to ship within our Parcel network but would prefer to pack their own inventory. By eliminating the need to collect and pack items, ARTA Self Ship offers even lower rates than ARTA Parcel. Our Self Ship service is perfect for jewelry and watches, a growing category for ARTA sellers. Clients who select an ARTA Self Ship quote will receive packing recommendations, eliminating the guesswork for our clients as to how to safely pack their items.

Our newest service tier also provides a faster delivery option for sellers and their buyers. For clients already in market with ARTA Self Ship, we are averaging a 7 day delivery timeline compared to a 14 day delivery window for ARTA Parcel. We are thrilled to be able to offer more flexible options around cost and speed of delivery within the ARTA network. 

ARTA Self Ship is currently in BETA*, and accessible via Instant Quote in the ARTA Dashboard as well as via our API. The service is currently available for shipments originating in the US shipping domestically and internationally, but we plan to expand into international origins later this year. If you would like to be considered for early access to the newest quote type in beta, please contact your account manager or email

*During the beta phase, ARTA may choose to update eligibility criteria for various attributes of the shipment including object type and value. We may also choose to update the cost of the service and the Seller and ARTA Admin workflows. Lastly, we do not guarantee a full release of the beta product or any timing of a full release.

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