Get to Market Faster with ARTA-hosted Services

Since launching the ARTA API, we have spoken with a number of potential clients that want to get to market as quickly as possible, or that have limited technical resources. While our API is very straightforward, we understand that different clients have various needs and resources. As such, we’ve invested in a suite of ARTA-hosted services that allow clients to get up and running faster with fewer technical resources.

ARTA Estimates

ARTA Estimates is a mobile-responsive javascript widget that enables clients to expose non-bookable shipping estimates to their customers onsite during the product discovery phase. These estimates give customers insight into all-in costs pre-purchase, reducing order cancellations caused by surprise shipping costs and drop-offs further down the conversion funnel.

The widget is easy to set up and the mobile-friendly layout works well across a wide variety of view ports. Estimates span our global network and can be viewed in multiple currencies. Costs include transportation, insurance, and additional requested services across all service tiers and are returned in under two seconds on average. 

You can view a demo of ARTA Estimates here to compare options for widget placement and pricing display. Developer docs can be found here.

ARTA Booking

ARTA Booking provides a secure, ARTA-hosted web page enabling buyers to intuitively book and pay for a shipment that meets their needs. Our mobile-responsive design works on web and mobile and was built to eliminate friction from manual and offline coordination of shipping.

Starting a booking session takes just a single API call, making for a quick setup. Like ARTA Estimates, ARTA Booking supports global shipping rates and enables your customers to get quotes and checkout in the currency of their choice. We offer flexible payment options, so our clients can either have ARTA collect payment directly from their customers within the booking session, or be invoiced by ARTA once shipments are completed.

Developer docs for ARTA Booking can be found here.

ARTA Tracking

ARTA Tracking is an ARTA-hosted public shipment details page that provides end users with tracking insights using shipment milestones, estimated delivery dates, and tracking links when available. Shipment milestone tracking and delivery dates are available for all shipments across all of our quote types.

The shipment details page also describes the packages being shipped, including their contents, and any services booked with the shipment. 

ARTA Emails 

Instead of designing and building custom email notifications, our clients can leverage ARTA Emails that can be set up to notify internal teams and/or their customers about important updates in the shipment lifecycle.

Email rules and subscriptions can be created and managed within the API Client Dashboard, and can live in either Live or Test mode. Email Subscriptions enable clients to subscribe members of their team or a distribution list to ARTA Email notifications. Email Rules allow clients to configure rules to send ARTA Email notifications to contacts on a particular shipment such as the Origin or Delivery contacts.

An example of the Shipment Collected email can be found below. More information about the types of email notifications ARTA provides can be found here.

Today, our hosted solutions are all ARTA branded, though we plan to support some client customizations, such as brand colors and logos, in the future. Our clients can also leverage some of these products and do a more customized API integration for other services. An upcoming blog post will break down the differences between a full API integration and utilizing our hosted services, so check back on our blog soon!

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