Expanding Our Solutions: ARTA for Auctions

Since launch, ARTA has served both as a preferred shipping partner and an outsourced logistics team for auction houses. We are excited to announce our newest tools for auction houses and auction marketplaces, which expand upon our current service offerings to address the biggest pain points of our clients. 

In addition, we have expanded outside of fine art to also provide shipping and service solutions for all categories of goods, including furniture and design, jewelry, and more. With a network of shippers ranging from common carrier to white glove, we are a one-stop-shop for all of your logistics needs. We will be posting a more in-depth look at all of our offerings soon.

Provide a better client experience

  • An ARTA integration gives collectors visibility into shipping costs at the time they are bidding, so they can understand total costs upfront without having to wait for a quote from auction house staff.

  • By knowing shipping costs upfront, your team can invoice a buyer for all costs at once. A single transaction creates a more streamlined checkout process.

Save internal time and resources

  • Automating the pre- and post-sale quoting process saves your team time spent on manual tasks, so they can focus projects that matter most to the business.

  • Our team of experts can serve as an extension of your operations team, or, for businesses without specialists in-house, ARTA can become your outsourced logistics solution.

Offer your clients greater flexibility

  • We offer multi-carrier options, spanning from common carrier to white glove providers.

  • Our team of logistics experts can provide customized, creative solutions for your collectors.

Fill in gaps in your logistics network

  • Access ARTA’s global vendor network of 400+ service providers in 55+ countries, so you have a solution for any collector – no matter where they live.

Manage your supply chain with ease

  • Request quotes, book, track & manage all shipments from a single platform. Invoices and shipping documents are uploaded and organized automatically, so you aren’t digging through emails or files.

  • Whether you are booking shipments for art, furniture, jewelry, or other items, ARTA’s works with a wide array of vendors that specialize in variety of high-value goods.

We were excited to partner with Phillips this Spring to pilot these tools for their live and online jewelry sales. Bidders across the world browsing auction lots received shipping costs in real time at the click of a button. This proved especially beneficial for international collectors, for whom shipping costs can add up substantially.

“By automating the pre and post-sale quoting process through ARTA, we are saving our team time and providing a better experience for our buyers.”

Adam Dinwiddie, Director of Digital Projects at Phillips

To learn more about ARTA for auctions, email hello@shiparta.com.


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