Product Spotlight: ARTA Estimates

After launching our API, we wanted to make the same features and services available for clients with limited technical resources or those looking to accelerate their integration and launch timelines. To accommodate those client needs, our team built a suite of ARTA-hosted services. Our hosted products are designed and built by ARTA in order to save our clients time that might be spent on design and frontend development. The integration is a bit more plug-and-play in nature, making it a great option for businesses that have limited technical resources or for those interested in getting to market as quickly as possible. 

In this 4 part series, we go into deeper detail about each of our hosted products: ARTA Estimates, ARTA Booking, ARTA Tracking, and ARTA Emails.


ARTA Estimates is a mobile-responsive javascript widget that enables clients to expose shipping estimates to their customers during the product discovery phase. Our clients use ARTA Estimates to remove friction in both online and offline sales.

Online use cases benefitting both buyer and seller

Clients such as Leland Little have integrated ARTA Estimates onto the product pages on their website, allowing buyers to get a sense of what shipping will cost before bidding or purchasing an item. Knowing the all-in cost during the consideration stage ensures that buyers are making informed decisions at the time of purchase, with no post-purchase surprises and reduced drop-off further down the conversion funnel. Moreover, ARTA Estimates removes the need for sellers to source pre-sale shipping quotes, a time-consuming endeavor without the guarantee of a sale.

Offline use cases benefitting sellers

We also have clients who integrate ARTA Estimates into their inventory management systems, providing internal teams with shipping cost visibility as they work to secure in-person sales. We found that many clients came to us indicating the same hole in their conversion funnel: they would speak to an interested buyer who wanted to know how much shipping would cost, but by the time that information was secured, the buyer lost interest. Having this information when purchase intent is high has been game-changing for gallery clients and independent sellers.

Integration and Presentation

The widget is easy to set up and the mobile-friendly layout works well across a wide variety of viewports. It can be installed on your website or app with just a few lines of javascript using the artajs library. Estimates span our global network and can be viewed in multiple currencies. Costs can include transportation, insurance, and additional requested services across all service tiers and are returned in under two seconds on average. To learn more about integrating ARTA Estimates, visit our developer site.

The widget can be configured to be positioned in the bottom left or right corners of the page, or as a centered interstitial. Pricing can be presented in two ways: as a range inclusive of the lowest and highest estimate, or, with only the lowest estimate in the format of “starting at.”

See it in action

On the ARTA Estimates demo microsite, clients can preview common layout and presentation configurations. A few examples are included below, but play around with the microsite to get the full experience, and let us know what you think! If you are interested in learning about how ARTA Estimates or our API can support your business, email

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