Product Spotlight: ARTA Emails

After seeing the success of our fully-integrated API clients, we wanted to make the same features and services available for our clients who operate with less robust technical capabilities. Our team has built a suite of ARTA-hosted services to accommodate those clients looking to accelerate their operations or expedite launch timelines without a full integration.

Our hosted products are designed and built by ARTA to save our clients time that might otherwise be spent on design and development. They’re great for businesses with limited technical resources or for those looking to quickly get to market.

In this 4 part series, we detail each of our hosted products: ARTA EstimatesARTA Booking, ARTA Tracking, and ARTA Emails.

ARTA Emails ensure that your teams and customers stay informed of key updates and shipments, and can be configured to meet a variety of client and business needs. Clients integrating with ARTA often choose to leverage our emails when technical resources aren’t available to build out an entire notification system powered by our webhooks. 

Email Rules enable you to configure rules to send ARTA email notifications to contacts on particular shipments.

Email Subscriptions enable you to subscribe members of your team or a distribution list to ARTA email notifications by providing an email address per email type.

Email Types

We currently have nine different email notifications that can be configured according to an Organization’s needs.

Payment Received: Delivered when ARTA receives payment through the ARTA-hosted checkout page.

Booking Confirmation: Delivered when an ARTA team member confirms your shipment.

Collection Scheduled: Delivered to the contact when the collection has been scheduled, communicates timing, and confirms origin location details.

Shipment Collected: Delivered when objects are collected by a shipping partner for packing and transport. This update is commonly available on Parcel shipments and less common for Select and Premium shipments.

Shipment In Transit: Delivered once a shipment is en route to its final destination. These updates typically include estimated delivery dates and may include additional online tracking details provided by the shipping partner.

Shipment Completed: Delivered when a shipment has successfully reached its destination.

Shipment Schedule Update: Delivered when a shipment’s delivery schedule is updated.

Shipment Canceled: Delivered when a shipment is canceled.

Shipment Invoices: Delivered when clients are invoiced.

User Notifications vs. ARTA Emails

Both User Notifications and ARTA Emails provide email notifications for shipment milestone updates. 

So, how are they different? 

User Notifications are optimized for ARTA clients and their teams who have access to the ARTA Dashboard. They are configured by individual Users who can customize which notifications they’d like to subscribe to. Users can quickly view these notifications in the inbox, located in the dashboard. User Notifications also provide one single email digest delivered at the user’s preferred frequency, which includes a summary of all notifications. 

User Notifications are excellent for dashboard users who want to see a snapshot of important shipping information all at once; they provide more organization-specific data than ARTA Emails. For example, Users may opt to be notified when comments are added to a request, when documents are uploaded, and more.

ARTA Emails are configured at the Organization level and are optimized for our client’s customers who don’t have access to the ARTA Dashboard. ARTA Emails communicate shipment updates in real-time and connect users to ARTA Tracking, allowing anyone to track an ARTA Shipment.

Technical Details

To learn more about ARTA Emails from a developer’s perspective, please read our developer guide.

Rachael Gilpin

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