ARTA Custom API-Integration vs. ARTA-Hosted Products

ARTA offers multiple logistics solutions to suit various needs. Our clients can opt for a custom API integration, ARTA-hosted products, or both. Below you’ll find a snapshot of the key differentiators between leveraging ARTA-hosted products and building a custom user interface to help you choose the best fit for your organization.

Benefits of a Custom API Integration

Clients use the custom API to integrate our shipping options and tracking details into their site, creating a completely branded user experience that is seamless for their customers.  

ARTA’s custom API provides numerous advantages as it can be configured to meet unique business needs or requirements. For example, clients may choose to add an additional margin to ARTA’s costs or subsidize some or all of the shipping costs. Clients might require insurance or additional handling based on object attributes, such as the destination or object value. Clients can also show or hide certain quotes to curate their buyer’s options at checkout.  

A completely custom API integration requires more time and technical resources but provides the greatest flexibility and customization options for our clients. 

Benefits of ARTA-Hosted Products

ARTA-hosted products are designed and built by ARTA. While they do require some technical resources, they are more plug-and-play in nature and require significantly fewer resources, saving our clients time on design and front-end development. These solutions are ideal for those who don’t have technical resources to spare or companies looking to get to market quickly.

For example, ARTA’s White Labeling service allows clients to put their brand on our products, providing a branded experience without integrating a custom API.

ARTA Tracking

ARTA Tracking provides our clients with an ARTA-hosted tracking page that provides a consistent tracking experience regardless of the service level or carrier.  ARTA Tracking provides expected delivery dates and tracking details from ARTA and our carriers. 

White Labeled Tracking

ARTA Booking

ARTA Booking is a secure, ARTA-hosted web page enabling our clients’ customers to easily book an order, pay for a shipment, and choose their preferred shipping method.

Clients provide information about the object and its origin based on information provided by the customer. Clients can provide shipping address details should they choose, or ARTA can collect details directly from the end-user. ARTA will present shipping options, allowing the customer to book and pay for their shipment with a few clicks and lightweight technical integration. 

White Labeled Booking

ARTA Emails

ARTA Emails ensure that your teams and customers stay informed of key updates and shipments and can be configured to meet various client and business needs. ARTA Emails include multiple configurable updates and can notify our client or their customers with key information, such as Collection Scheduled and Shipment Completed.

White Labeled Email

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