Announcing Lower Pricing on International Air Freight Instant Quotes

We are excited to announce new, reduced shipping rates and expanded coverage through ARTA International Air Freight Instant Quote. Our users can enjoy lower costs with the same high quality, reliable services ARTA has always offered. ARTA Instant Quote – which also covers U.S. and European Road Freight – offers guaranteed rates that can be booked in minutes.

Expanded Coverage

We launched Air Freight Instant Quote in March 2019 with coverage for 33 major hubs across the world. Based on customer demand and feedback, we have now expanded our coverage to 39 hubs across 25 countries (scroll down to see the full list). Within each hub, we offer our ARTA Premium service, which includes Fine Art handling, export formalities, import clearance, collection, and delivery. (Note: ARTA is proud to offer our services across 60+ countries; if your collection or delivery location is not close to an Instant Quote international hub, you can still use ARTA’s Custom Request Form to request rates for your shipment.)

Lower Rates

In addition to our expanded hub network, we are also pleased to pass on significant savings to our users made possible through aggressive air freight discounts. We have been working hard to secure these discounts to ensure we offer the most competitive pricing, while never sacrificing quality. Our users can expect the same premium, reliable services they have always enjoyed with ARTA. Key lanes, such as LHR-NYC, NYC-LHR, CDG-NYC, and NYC-CDG, have been reduced by 10-20% from our March launch rates.

Please reach out to with any questions or to request additional lane coverage.

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Supported Hubs
  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Basel, Switzerland
  3. Beijing, China
  4. Berlin, Germany
  5. Brussels, Belgium
  6. Chicago, USA
  7. Cologne, Germany
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark
  9. Dallas, USA
  10. Denver, USA
  11. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  12. Dublin, Republic of Ireland
  13. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  14. Frankfurt, Germany
  15. Geneva, Switzerland
  16. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  17. Lisbon, Portugal
  18. London, United Kingdom
  19. Los Angeles, USA
  20. Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  21. Madrid, Spain
  22. Melbourne, Australia
  23. Mexico City, Mexico
  24. Miami, USA
  25. Milan, Italy
  26. Munich, Germany
  27. New York City, USA
  28. Paris, France
  29. Rome, Italy
  30. San Francisco, USA
  31. Seoul, South Korea
  32. Shanghai, China
  33. Singapore, Singapore
  34. Stockholm, Sweden
  35. Sydney, Australia
  36. Tokyo, Japan
  37. Toronto, Canada
  38. Vienna, Austria
  39. Zurich, Switzerland

You can read more about our ARTA Service Standards here for all of our supported shipping methods.

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