Premium, Select, and Parcel: A Guide to ARTA’s Three Service Tiers

One of the biggest selling points for our clients is that through a single integration with ARTA’s API, they receive pricing and fulfillment services for object types that require different levels of service during transport. For example, a small piece of jewelry might ship via one mode of transport, but a large, expensive work of art might require a different level of service. 

Our API provides instant shipping costs and end-to-end fulfillment services for any item type—regardless of size, material, location, or price point. This enables our clients to sell a wide variety of goods, without having to build out a logistics infrastructure for every unique need. 

Below, we provide an overview of the differences between our three Service Tiers: Premium, Select, and Parcel, as well as answer some of the most common questions we receive from our API clients.

What are the differences between the three Service Tiers: Premium, Select, and Parcel? 

Premium: Features specialized climate-controlled transportation and safe packing, handled by trained technicians from wall to wall.

  • Ideal for: High-value, fragile fine art, antiques and design objects, and temperature-sensitive objects. 

Select: Consolidated transportation including blanket wrap and transit packing with white-glove handling at collection and delivery.

  • Ideal for: Oversized design objects and furniture, and lower value art and antiques.

Parcel: Collection and custom packaging for smaller objects with expedited shipping via preferred parcel networks.

  • Ideal for: Design objects, small artworks, collectibles, and jewelry.

How does ARTA determine which Service Tier to provide quotes from? Is a quote from every Service Tier provided with each API call?

ARTA determines which Service Tier(s) is most appropriate and safest for every unique object based on location, size, value, and object type. Our API will return rates from all Service Tiers that meet the object requirements. From there, our clients can set up preferences to filter the quotes shown to their buyers (for example, our clients can choose to show only Premium quotes or show every available quote option).

What additional services are available in each Service Tier?

Our API returns quotes that can include 10+ additional required or optional services in each API request call. Our clients can set rules and decide which additional services they would like to display and offer to their own customers. For example, a client can design the integration to always add insurance to every quote displayed or always provide installation as an optional add-on service.

ARTA Transit Insurance is available for Premium, Select, and Parcel shipments.  Max insurable value varies by service tier.

What is the average transit time for each Service Tier? 

While transit times are largely affected by the distance between the collection and delivery locations, other factors that could affect transit time include the collection or delivery location’s proximity to a major metro area and additional requested services. Once a shipment is confirmed, the buyer will receive regular notifications with shipment status updates and tracking information. On average, you can expect transit times to fall into the following windows for each Service Tier:

  • Premium: 2-4 weeks
  • Select: 1-2 weeks 
  • Parcel: 7-10 days
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