Best Practices: ARTA Instant Quote vs. Custom Quotes

Last December, we launched ARTA Instant Quote in order to provide an even faster way to get costs and/or book shipping and service quotes for precious objects. Since launch, we have expanded IQ’s capabilities, allowing our clients to book instantly for shipments via US road freight, European road freight, and international air freight between select hubs.

Our goal is to provide as many access points as possible to ARTA’s platform and network, optimizing our product for the many use cases our clients experience. Below, we’ve outlined optimal scenarios for using IQ, and when it is best to use our custom quote form.

When to use Instant Quote

  • When the actual shipment is months down the road, but you need quick costs for a budget meeting or proposal. Instant quotes include costs for packing, installation, transit insurance, or any additional services the project may require.

pre-sale estimates
  • When you are speaking to a potential buyer who would like to know the all-in cost for purchasing an item.

immediate booking
  • When you are ready to book a direct shipment (going from point A to point B) via road freight within the continental U.S. or Europe.

  • When you are ready to book an international shipment via airfreight between select hubs.

flexible dates
  • When collection and delivery windows are both flexible. With IQ, you can expect delivery in 4 to 6 weeks from the time of booking.


When to use the Custom Quote Form

multiple quotes
  • When you would like to review multiple quotes and pickup/delivery date options.

complex shipments
  • When you have a complicated shipment, for example with multiple pick up or delivery locations.

ballpark estimates
  • When you do not have all the details yet for a project, but would like to get general estimate based on the information you have. Our team can help cost out different options you might be considering.

tight timelines
  • When you require specific pickup or delivery dates or are working against a tight deadline.

oversized items
  • When you are shipping items larger than 120″H or take up more than 50 cubic ft. We are unable to provide instant quotes for items of this size at this time.

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