Making Shipment & Client Management as Easy as 1-2-3

Managing shipments is so much more than just requesting quotes. It’s not only about getting a job done well, but about creating a reputation of excellence for your organization and building a relationship with your clients. That’s why ARTA has introduced features such as sharing quotes and third-party payments to give your team the tools they need to provide your customers with a client experience that stands above all others.

Read on to learn how to make it even easier for your team to share information with and include clients in the quote selection process, making shipment and client management simple and effortless.

Sharing quotes

You’ve requested and received multiple quotes back from ARTA for a shipment, but it’s ultimately up to your client to decide which quote to move forward with. In the past you would have to type out all of the quotes in an email to your client, most of the time with only the final total value rather than with all line items broken out. This means your customers are not getting the full picture, which causes questions and back and forth and can lead to delays in the shipment. 

With ARTA, sharing the full details of all of the quotes associated with your shipment, making it easy for your client to compare and choose their preferred option takes only a few steps:

1. in the header of any shipment, click “share”
2. Choose which share method you would like to use: either copy the link or share via email
3. Share with your client!

Anyone with the link will be able to view the quotes, quote details and shipment details of the shipment shared without having to create an account or log in to ARTA. This will make for easy quote comparison and can also be used to help confirm the collection or delivery details with your client if they are providing information for the shipment. Only the shipment shared will be visible, no other shipments associated with your account will be visible to them.


Don’t want to share all details or all quotes? Simply click the “Copy” button under the blue quote box to copy all of the key highlight information of the quote to be easily pasted into existing email threads with clients or internal team members.

Third-party payments

Payments are a pain, but not with ARTA. If your client or someone else at your company is responsible for paying for a shipment they can easily do so with a credit card via the shared shipment page outlined above. All they need to do is follow the steps below:

1. Click the blue payment button

If a quote has not yet been selected, they will see two buttons: Select & Pay for Quote or Select Quote.

If a quote has already been selected for the shipment, they will only see one button: Pay for Quote.

2. submit credit card details
3. let ARTA do the rest!

Once your client submits payment, you will receive an email notification indicating that the quote has been paid for and the ARTA team will proceed with confirming the booking. You can also see whether or not a shipment has been paid for by looking in the header of the shipment. If you see the orange PAYMENT REQUIRED tag that means your client has not yet paid. If you see the blue PAID tag that means your client has already submitted their payment and our team is working on the booking.


Providing customers with an excellent experience

With the above two features (and by having the expertise of the ARTA team to back you up throughout the entire process!), providing clients with a smooth, informative customer experience is simple. Your customers will feel in full possession of the information they need to make a good decision about shipping, and you can focus your time on sharing your expertise and advice with customers throughout the process.

Have any feedback on how we can improve the ARTA platform? We love hearing from you! Shoot us a note at or reach out via chat at


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