Partner Spotlight: Artseco

Berlin-based Artseco, whose name is derived from the words “Art Service Company,” offers a variety of art logistics services, including transport, storage, and art fair services. 

The company was founded in 2009 with a mission to provide a “full-service package for all art professionals: galleries, art societies, artists and collectors.” In short, they seek to service those “who love art as much as they do.” With an extensive network of experienced agents across the globe, the Artseco team has an in-depth understanding of the intricacies involved in transporting works of art, especially internationally and to large art fairs. 

We spoke with Miguel Adaro, Managing Director and Founder of ARTSECO, about everything from his favorite company moment to their must-have snack in the office.

Q: What is the most popular shipping destination for your clients?

A: Internationally and within Europe. Most of our gallery clients are based in Berlin. Many good quality artists are based in Berlin, who are represented by many international galleries all over the world. I would say we have frequent airfreights going to New York, Miami, L.A., Hong Kong. In Europe, we have a frequent side shipment traffic between Berlin and Paris and Berlin and London.

Q: Do you have any secret sayings or team traditions in the office?

A: Actually, it is not secret, but we say “creativity meets perfection.” Our credo is that we work as a team. We have a very flat hierarchy, so it is easy for us to work hand in hand.

Q: How do you hope the industry changes in the next five years?

A: I hope some people in this world don’t take themselves so seriously, so that international trading will still be interesting and affordable for young galleries and customs clearance will not develop into a scientific study. Art fairs should be affordable for smaller galleries, too, not only for the global players.

Q: What is your proudest company moment so far?

A: The opening of the largest art warehouse collective in Europe. That was definitely one of our largest projects and proudest moments.

Q: What is the must-have snack in your break room?

A: All kinds of fresh vegetables.

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