ARTA in the News: A Roundup of Recent Press

We were honored to be featured in a number of press articles last month. Below, see our favorite quotes and takeaways from each piece.

CRAIN’S NEW YORK BUSINESS, The fine art of shipping fine art

“We want to be able to service every country not on the U.N. sanctions list and make it as easy to ship a high-end object as it is to order an Uber,” [ARTA Founder and CEO Adam] Fields said.

“Customers and shippers alike are happy with ARTA’s success. Executives at Arlington, Texas–based Displays Fine Art Services said business has grown nearly 40% since the company signed on to the platform.”

“We see Arta doing what FedEx doesn’t,” [ARTA Investor Alex] Lines said. “FedEx doesn’t want to touch those really expensive, one-of-a-kind items. ARTA is for things that have complicated shipping requirements and high value.”

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artsy, Did a Small Clarification of Tax Law Have a Major Impact on the Art Market?

“[ARTA] has tailored its services to help galleries accord by the new tax law, and cut down on the physical paperwork. Under a new feature rolled out in late April, galleries can use the platform to send clients a range of shipping quotes, giving the client some control to pick the option they want. The gallery then pays, and bills the collector. All the invoices and related documents are stored electronically to make the process easier and compliant with tax law.”

“The state has added a layer of challenge and complexities for all New York-based galleries,” said Fields. “We’re trying to help make these galleries more efficient.”

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arttactic podcast, adam fields updates us on fine art shipping and logistics

“[ARTA’s] view is that logistics is the Achilles heel of commerce. If you can unlock the problems around shipping, you can really enable commerce.”

“We’ve actually launched a lot of integrations with auction houses… so now Philips auction house can go into their inventory system, hit “ship,” and that allows their logistics managers to get quotes at the click of a button.”

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in good taste, the INVALUABLE BLOG, how to ship artwork on a budget

“It’s important to know what shippers specialize in, in terms of what they handle, what routes they run, what they subcontract out, and who they partner with,” says [ARTA Founder and CEO Adam] Fields. “If you’re playing to a shipper’s strengths then you’re ensuring that you can get that quality at a really fair cost.”

“The moral of the story is: the more detail you have about the piece, the pickup, the delivery, and what services you want, the better, so as not have to be surprised by those excess costs,” says Fields.”

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sotheby’s institute, 11 art world entrepreneurs you should know

“Arta’s unique online platform has evolved from an art world shipping “must have” to an ecosystem of shipping tools for all high-end collectibles.”

“Since 2014, Adam and his team have expanded to London and currently facilitate thousands of shipments for the art and luxury world across 45 countries.”

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