ARTA in the News: A Roundup of Recent Press

We were honored to be featured in a number of recent press articles and interviews. Below, see our favorite quotes and takeaways from each piece.

Yahoo Finance, On the Move

Interviewer: “Essentially your service is a matchmaker, you find the contractors that do this sort of work and match up clients with them. Why is that kind of service necessary? Why can’t clients go out and find these guys themselves?”

Adam Fields, CEO of ARTA: “it’s a very niche industry so it’s very fragmented, so a provider might only service a small quarter let’s say between New York and Chicago or New York and San Francisco, but there is no one-stop consolidated shop. It also takes time to put together a quote because of how fragmented the supply chain is.”

watch the full interview, CEOs Share Their Advice on How to Get Promoted

“As Adam Fields, CEO of ARTA, explains, being promoted is a two-way street requiring two key players: employee and manager. While your managers are tasked with providing you a reasonable timeline for upward mobility and tracking your progress, the ball is in your court to hustle and ask for not only what you want, but can prove you deserve.

‘Employees must be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that align with their pathway to promotion,’ Fields says. ‘It’s important to remember that employers and managers prefer to promote from within as it validates their hiring efforts, extends an employee’s lifeline within the company, provides further incentive for others, and optimizes internal resources and focus.’”

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Small Biz Daily, Optimizing Your Site for Voice Search, SMB Guide to CRM, How to Hire Smarter and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

“The shipping of specialty goods, such as fine art, furniture, oversized or fragile objects has not yet been streamlined. With the recent report that U.S. online sales of non-conveyable goods has hit $30 billion, equal to about 10% of total e-commerce sales, ARTA, the contemporary logistics platform for shipping specialized items, is introducing a new approach to logistics.”

“In 2018, ARTA upgraded its solution, adding 10 new features including ARTA Instant Quote, which enables buyers and sellers (businesses or consumers) to immediately receive bookable quotes through the ARTA Shipping Calculator. The platform already allows users to easily shop for additional quotes from ARTA’s vast network of more than 350 service partners.”

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American Journal of Transportation, ARTA fulfills 10,000 items to 50+ countries in 2018

“‘The market for buying and selling luxury items has exploded, and ARTA has been at the forefront of helping art dealers, auction houses, designers, businesses and consumers manage the end-to-end process, including providing stellar customer service from collection through the last mile,’ said Adam Fields, Founder and CEO of ARTA. ‘This industry needs an automated solution that allows for the fulfillment of specialized goods as easily as FedEx does for small parcel items, and ARTA is poised to deliver it. Our impressive growth is validation of what we’re already providing and we intend to continue innovating to ensure we meet our customers’ evolving needs.’”

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Logistics Management, Industrial outlook cloudy but solid overall economic fundamentals rosy for trucking industry

“A recent report from ARTA, a logistics platform service that manages shipments, stated that U.S. online sales of non-conveyable goods has hit $30 billion–about 10 percent of total e-commerce sales. To some it’s a clear signal the trucking the industry needs a new approach to logistics.

ARTA has managed shipments to/from nearly 750 cities in 50 countries, and has fulfilled nearly 30,000 items to-date. ARTA says it has grown its customer base by 90 percent in just the last year.”

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