Introducing: Inventory List Uploads

We want to make requesting quotes on the ARTA platform as easy as possible for you and your team, regardless of whether you’re shipping just one item or two hundred. We know you often already have pertinent details related to the items in your shipment in your inventory system, so we created a way for you to easily upload those documents exported from your databases into the ARTA platform.

How do I upload an inventory list?

Uploading your document to any request is a simple process: click “Upload Inventory List” in the Item Details section of the request form and you will see a form expand onto the page. Click “Choose file” and select the desired file from your computer to upload it. We also require that you specify the quantity of items in your inventory list so we get a sense of how large the shipment will be.

You can upload as many inventory lists as you would like, and there’s no need to manually enter item details if you have already uploaded an inventory list. If you prefer not to upload an inventory list, you can still manually enter item details by clicking “Enter Items”.

What should I upload?

It’s up to you! You can upload a tear sheet with details for just one item, or you can upload a file that contains details of multiple items. Ideally we would like to receive a document that has all of the artwork caption details, image, dimensions, medium, packing details, and value for all of the items in the file. We support the following file types: PDF, Word, Excel, csv, jpg, png, gif, OpenOffice.

How do I remove inventory lists?

If you accidentally clicked “Upload Inventory List” without meaning to, or if you would like to remove something you already uploaded, you can click the blue “Remove Inventory List” link at the bottom of the Inventory List section. Doing so will remove any lists and quantities entered in the section and collapse the section to its default state. You can also remove items entered manually the same way, by clicking “Remove Item”. If you want to remove just one inventory list that has been uploaded you can click the “X” next to the file name in the upload section.

Can I upload inventory lists and manually enter items on the same request?

Yes! There’s no need to both upload an inventory list and manually enter item details, however if you want to do both, that’s ok too. The platform supports both methods of entering items on every request. This is especially handy if after having already submitted a request with an inventory list you need to add one more item. Instead of having to upload a whole new list with the additional item, just click “Enter Items” and add the additional item to the request, or upload an additional inventory list using the upload feature.

Feedback? We want to hear from you!

Let us know what you think of this feature and how we can improve it or other aspects of our platform. We’re always happy to hear ideas of how we can improve the ARTA platform.

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