Introducing New Payments Features

We’ve launched new features to tackle one of the most painful parts of managing shipments: payments. Learn about these new features and how our customers are putting them to work to streamline their processes.

When we spoke to a number of you about what the most painful part of organizing shipments was for your team, you consistently responded “payments and invoicing”. Keeping track of and managing payments is time consuming, aggravating, and unnecessarily complicated (especially if you are impacted by the NY State sales tax changes), but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we decided to expand the functionality around payments on the ARTA platform – to provide you with more flexibility, more visibility, and to streamline your day. Read on below to learn more about these new features and how our customers are already applying them to improve their payments processes. So, without further ado: Payment Status Tags and Select Quote.

 Introducing: Payment Status Tags

The ability to easily check on the payment status of any of your shipments is key, especially when you have a time-sensitive shipment and are coordinating for an end client who’s responsible for payment. The next time you log in to your ARTA dashboard you’ll notice that any Selected, Active, or Completed shipment will now display one of two payment status tags in the header of the shipment view: PAID or PAYMENT REQUIRED. As soon as a credit card payment is submitted or we receive a payment for an invoice, your shipment will be marked as PAID. If your shipment has an outstanding payment, you will see the PAYMENT REQUIRED tag. Simple. Like it should be.

View payment status of your shipments now


Introducing: Select Quote

At the bottom of every shipment in the Quoted tab you will now see two options: “SELECT & PAY FOR QUOTE” and “SELECT QUOTE”. Choosing the “SELECT QUOTE” button will select the quote of your choice without requiring you to submit payment at selection time. This will also move your shipment from the Quoted tab to the Selected tab. This is especially helpful if someone besides yourself is responsible for payment, or if you are not yet sure how you would like to pay for your shipment. For those of you on a tight schedule or who know which quote you want and are ready to pay, we also offer the “SELECT & PAY FOR QUOTE” option, which will select your specified quote and prompt you for payment details.

Note: ARTA still requires payment (or specification of payment method if you’re an open terms customer) prior to confirming a booking with a shipping partner. If you have a tight timeline, are hoping to book on a busy shuttle route, or want to meet specific dates, we recommend submitting payment for your shipment as soon as possible.

Select Quotes on your shipments now


So, how can I use this?

There are a multitude of ways this new functionality can help streamline your payments process. We’ve outlined just a few of the ways our customers have already begun taking advantage of this feature below.

Helping sellers comply with New York State sales tax laws

With the change to NY State sales tax laws, managing art shipments as a NY-related seller has become exponentially more complicated. Non NY-based customers are strongly opposed to the idea of paying NY sales tax for an item they might not have even bought in NY and are shipping out of state, while maintaining a paper trail of invoices and shipment records has become critical for NY-related sellers to prove compliance.

The new Select Quote feature provides your end clients with the ability to see all quote options and select which one best suits their needs without having to submit payment at selection time. This provides end clients with flexibility and choice while enabling you and your team to remain the official on-record organizer of the shipment, allowing you to bypass the need to collect sales tax from your customer. Here’s how you can take advantage of this:

1. Click “Share” in the header of any shipment in the Quoted tab to copy and share the public link* with your client. *Pro tip: You can share a shipment with anyone, regardless of whether they have an ARTA account or not. Only the specific shipment and associated quotes you have shared will be visible. 

2. Instruct your client to click “Select Quote” on the quote of their choice.

3. Once your client has Selected a quote, you will see the shipment in the Selected tab in your ARTA dashboard and will receive an email with the subject “ARTA | Quote Selected”. Your team can now submit payment with your preferred method through the ARTA dashboard by clicking the “Pay for Quote” button and entering your payment details.


Streamline negotiations and payment for the entire artwork

I’m sure many of you have been asked to start shipment coordination before you’ve even received payment for or closed on the artwork itself. However, if you have a tight schedule or are hoping to book on a busy shuttle route, you can’t delay reaching out to shipping companies until you receive payment. If timed correctly, you can leverage the new Select Quote functionality to streamline payment for your entire transaction, not just the shipment itself, without delaying booking confirmation with your shipping partners. Below is how we’ve seen some of our customers take advantage:

1. After receiving quotes for a shipment but before receiving payment for the artwork itself, click “Select Quote” on the quote of your choice (or let someone else like an end client do this with the share functionality explained above).

2. When you calculate the final total to charge your customer for the artwork, include the cost of shipping as a separate line item so you can collect payment for both the artwork and the shipping costs at the same time through your usual process.

3. Once you have closed on the artwork via your usual process, you can pay for your ARTA shipment through the dashboard by clicking the “Pay for Quote” button and entering your payment details. At this point, the ARTA team will get to work confirming your booking with your shipping partner.

Already know which quote you want, but need someone else to pay?

Even if you’re not impacted by the NY State sales tax changes, the new Select Quote functionality can be super helpful to your team. For example, when you already know which quote to select for a shipment but the end client (or someone else) is responsible for payment you can do the following:

1. Choose “Select Quote” on the quote of your choice in your dashboard. The page will update to show only your selected quote and the shipment will move to the Selected tab.

2. Click “Share” in the header of your shipment and share the public link* with whoever is responsible for payment. *In case you missed it above: You can share a shipment with anyone, regardless of whether they have an ARTA account or not. Only the specific shipment and associated quotes you have shared will be visible. 

3. Once your client (or anyone with the shared link) views the page, they will only see the quote you selected. Instruct the payment party to click “Pay for Quote” and submit their credit card payment details directly on this page. 

4. As soon as someone submits a payment, you will see the payment status flag on the shipment update to “PAID” and also receive an email with the subject “ARTA | Payment Confirmation”.

This is just the start

These new features are simply the beginning. Our team knows there is still so much more we can do to help streamline your team’s payment processes and minimize the painful parts of managing shipments, and we are actively working on expanding the functionality around payments even more. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Have ideas you would like to see us build into the ARTA platform? Have questions about these new features? We always love to hear from you. Shoot us an email at


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