Partner Spotlight: Displays Fine Art Services

Displays Fine Art Services
opened in 1995 as a small small shop in Fort Worth, TX that specialized in custom furniture for display cases. Since then, they have grown in both size and offerings, operating a full fleet of trucks and a Line Haul division, and have 50 employees.

Today, the company is based in Arlington, TX, halfway between Fort Worth and Dallas and only 15 minutes away from DFW International Airport. In most cases, Displays FAS can accommodate cross-country transport in less than 10 business days due to their central location within the United States. Their mission is to provide a service that strengthens the arts, the culture, as well as the community of North Texas and the Nation. 

Q: Where is your favorite place to book a dedicated truck?

A: One of the most popular runs among our drivers is along the North East corridor – Washington DC, New York, Boston, etc. Sometimes they will take pictures of the view that end up going on the company’s Instagram account. Among my personal favorites are of New England in the autumn. 

Q: Do you have ANy team traditions?

A: Courtney, our field supervisor who has been with the company for many years, told me a story about how, a few years back, an old metal paper towel dispenser ended up in the crew’s rigging box somehow. They ended up deciding to keep it and adopted it as a good luck charm and it goes out with them on all rigging jobs.

Q: How do you hope the industry changes in the next five years?

A: I’m hoping the art market continues to grow and produce more museums, more galleries, and in turn, more artists and collectors. But with this continued growth, I am also hoping that the art education continues to move forward. In five years’ time, I would like more members of the industry to understand the importance in investing in Fine Art Shipping and Handling services to ensure the care of their collection. 

Q: What is your proudest company moment so far?

A: One of the stand-outs for Displays is being a part of the conservation of “Los Lagartos” by Luis Jimenez for the city of El Paso. Getting to participate in such a historical moment for the city was truly an honor.

Q: What is the must-have snack in your break room?

A: Our must have snack in our break room is a good old cup of coffee. Our crews understand that art handling does not always observe normal business hours. This could mean overnight installations, 7AM office meetings, warehouse arrival times of 2AM, etc. We do this because we love it and want to ensure we take care of our clients. Also, the Taco Cabana tacos at the 7AM meetings make it all a little easier.

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