Introducing the ARTA Shipping Calculator

Looking for a quick ballpark estimate of costs for your shipment but don’t have time to wait? Have a potential customer who can’t make up their mind between shipping that artwork to their NY apartment or their Malibu beach house? Look no further than the ARTA Shipping Calculator: a great tool that provides you with estimated shipping and service costs instantly.

Today we launched the ARTA Shipping Calculator to provide you with instant rates within the US for:

  • Fine art shuttle shipping costs on direct shipments

  • Service costs for everything from packing to install

  • ARTA Transit Insurance rates

This is a great tool to use during the pre-sale process as you’re negotiating with customers, at art fairs to provide potential buyers with on-the-spot estimates (the feature is mobile and iPad friendly), or for early project budget estimation when you’re weeks or months away from needing to actually book.

How to get instant rates

  1. Log in or Sign Up for your free ARTA account by visiting

  2. Click the “New Request” button in the top right corner of your dashboard and click on the “Get Instant Rates” banner

  3. Enter in the details of your shipment in the form and hit the “Get Rates” button to see an instant estimate

What can I get instant rates for?

For now the ARTA Shipping Calculator provides instant rates for direct shipments within the contiguous United States.

We constantly strive to streamline the specialized shipping process for you and your team, and over the following months we will be expanding this feature to cover new locations, shipment types, and other services, so stay tuned for updates.

Have feedback or interested in participating in design discussions as we continue to evolve and expand this feature? Send us a note at

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